Customize your Bookfair

Every school is different. That's why Main Street Book Company customizes each of our book fairs. We make sure your book fair will meet your school’s unique needs. When you book your event with Main Street Book Company, we spend time learning about your school, your students, your curriculum, your past book fair experiences, your teachers' favorite books, as well as any special programs you have planned. If needed, we will supplement our extensive inventory with a few special orders to meet your needs. We put together a Book Fair that is unique to you. Upon delivery, we provide a full alphabetized inventory list, so you know exactly what we sent you. Our computerized system allows us to track what you’ve sold and generate a report. We use this report not only to bill you, but to help us improve your future book fairs, targeting our inventory selection to help you maximize your sales. We work with you before, during, and after your book fair to make your experience worry-free! We help you promote your book fair to make sure you reach your full sales potential.

  • Delivery and pickup scheduled at your convenience
  • Floor displays for easy set-up
  • Books packed and labeled by category
  • Electronic credit card machine

  • We also do author appearances! We have connections with best-selling local authors. We’ll help you set up an author appearance that will meet your needs. We’ll provide all the books, and make sure your author appearance is both educational and profitable.

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